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 The Great Gatsby


Quotations from the novel:

Here is a list of significant quotes from the novels. Select your group from the list below and write a

paragraph for each quote explaining the following:

  1. The speaker:  Who says this quote?
  2. The context:  What is going on in the novel at the time of the quote?
  3. The Significance:  Why is the quote important? How does it relate to the entire novel? What does

                                       it reveal about the characters or the themes?


Group 1: Quotes 1-4

Group 2: Quotes 5-8

Group 3: Quotes 9-12

Group 4: Quotes 13-16

Group 5: Quotes 17-20

Group 6: Quotes 21-25



Exercise 1:  Color Psychology Interactive Guide

  • In this activity, you will explore the symbolism and associations of color.
  • Your group has been assigned to research a particular color.
  • Visit the three sites (skip the Benjamin Moore site) and complete and print the graphic organizer. 
  • To save time, have an individual from each group visit one of the sites and complete and print the organizer.
  • Your group will use the organizers to create a poster to explain the symbolism and associations of your assigned color.




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