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Student Blogs

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Learn more about using METAPHOR to create your digital identity. Read more.


The title of your blog must be metaphoric or symbolic. If you're REALLY good, your entire site

will "play" with the words/images of your comparison, creating an extended analogy.


Check out the following web sites for inspiration:

  • Wet Paint: This site employs a painting metaphor, comparing painting a masterpiece

          to constructing a web page. Notice how the graphics, headings, tag lines extend the

          painting analogy.

  • CogDogBlog: Alan Levine doesn't use an analogy, but he does an excellent job creating a theme.

          Note how his entire layout plays on the dog theme. 


See examples of poems that employ extended metaphors:


Other Student Blogs:


Teacher Blogs

Huff: Diggin' Onions (blog for my English classes), JustRead!  (my personal blog)


AP English




English 11





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